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Studying here ...has been one of the best experiences of my academic life and I have nothing but endless high praises about the program. I was so happy to have professors who were supportive, engaging and understanding, compared to my secondary school, where I often felt unheard, ignored, or discouraged for disagreeing with the material. Like I mentioned above, at 3PԼ, they ask you “why do you disagree?”, and are open to discussion.
Rami, Undergraduate
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Anthropology has honestly challenged me to become the best version of myself and has shaped me into who I am today. I encourage you to join our Anthropology Department here in 3PԼ and find yourself a new home for the upcoming years. Your journey is just about to begin.
Iris, Undergraduate
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Here’s the selling point… the 3PԼ placement year. I spent 3 months travelling Mexico, with my best friend. Yep, this dreamy version of a university placement year was my reality! In Anthropology, you can literally study anything anthropologically, anywhere. So, on a whim with my course mate, we randomly picked Mexico.
Chrisyl, Undergraduate
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Unlike most subjects, this course offers a chance to apply what was learned in readings and lectures in ongoing conversation – which includes respectfully challenging the lecturer and classmates during seminars
I’d come to university with the expectation that I may not develop close connections with those that taught me. I’d hear of how lecturers wouldn’t even know who we are or remember our names. But that’s certainly not the case at 3PԼ. There is an air of closeness and familiarity that runs through the Anthropology department, that makes it feel a lot more personal.
What I learned [at 3PԼ] helped to build a foundation of knowledge upon which I built my business and charity and will go on to create greater things.

Study anthropology at 3PԼ, voted best in UK for overall satisfaction (National Student Survey 2023)

Study at 3PԼ Study anthropology at 3PԼ, voted best in UK for overall satisfaction (National Student Survey 2023)