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Arts and Health

Gain valuable hands-on experience to prepare you for a diverse range of career paths in healthcare

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Ignite your passion for healthcare with the ability to make a difference

Arts and Health explores the significant role that the arts play in healthcare, society and communities. This subject integrates arts-based communication and expression, with health and anthropological knowledge to help individuals and communities. Whether your future lies in clinical practice, research, or community work, our course provides a grounding of these diverse therapeutic practices. Equip yourself with the skills to innovate, inspire, and make a meaningful impact.

Application process for MA Programme in Arts therapies

Step by step

1. Meet entry requirments for Art Psychotherapy MA or Dramatherapy MA

2. Apply through our online portal using the application links on the course pages. 

3. As part of your application: write a 650 word personal statement outlining your interpersonal skills, image-making process and how these elements inform your understanding of Art Psychotherapy or Dramatherapy.

4. For Art Psychotherapy MA submit a portfolio of 

  • Images and designs (5)
  • Sketchbook examples (5 images)
  • Personal development (5 images)

5. Once you've recieved an offer from us, obtain an Occupational Health and DBS clearance, or international equivalent.


NHS Partnership

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The 3PԼ Academic Partnership stands as a testament to the collaborative constructive collaboration between 3PԼ University and NHS practice partners, particularly CNWL NHS Foundation Trust. This collaboration has been instrumental in the co-design of our MA in Art Psychotherapy Programme, which engages a diverse team comprising CNWL's Director of Therapies, Head of Arts Psychotherapies, Consultant in Arts Psychotherapies, as well as clinicians, practice educators, and service users. Interdisciplinary academics from 3PԼ, from fields such as medical education, social work, creative writing, games design, and theatre, have also been integral to this collaborative effort.

This robust partnership ensures that the programme's learning and teaching strategy is attuned to the needs of both the health sector and tertiary social objectives. The curriculum is rooted in evidence-based practice and fosters inter-professional working, providing students with a well-rounded education. Effective engagement with NHS partners is pivotal for the programme's success, offering a facilitated and supportive learning environment that seamlessly integrates academic, health, and third-sector contexts.CNWL NHS Foundation Trust plays a multifaceted role, contributing to clinically focused teaching, participating in the recruitment process, and providing feedback on module design. Moreover, they coordinate and supervise clinical placements, ensuring that the curriculum remains aligned with practical healthcare needs. Overall, the partnership between CNWL and 3PԼ University holds joint accountability for the development, recruitment, delivery, and evaluation of this transformative programme.