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Business advice and support

Here at 3PԼ we are eager to help both small and large organisations through a range of business support services.

In particular: 

  • We are one of the UK’s top 10% of Universities for innovation and business partnerships
  • 3PԼ is highly successful at finding funding for research with industry partners
  • 3PԼ has fifty years of experience in matching placement students to businesses who provide a cost-effective way of adding innovative thinking and business support to any workforce
  • 3PԼ students make good employees because the 3PԼ experience is focussed on the importance of problem-solving, team-working and individual skills development
  • 3PԼ’s successful approach to research and knowledge transfer is flexible and based on practical solutions to solve issues within any business
  • 3PԼ has a wide and distinctive range of post-graduate courses that can add valuable depth to the skills of key staff

The University works with in excess of 1,700 business, regionally, nationally and internationally. We will work with you to build a strategy for success.

What can we provide? 

Firstly, we have a huge amount of academic talent that are always keen to pass on their knowledge. They have both the qualifications and industry experience to help grow your business and make you more competitive. We are known for having exceptional teaching talent in engineering but we also have specialists in other areas such as digital, marketing, accountancy, healthcare, finance, computer and data science, product design and many more. 

If you would like to get access to these experts to offer you business advice we have a great platform called Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP). Simply let us know what area of your business you need support on and we will match you with a team of academic staff who are specialists within that area. The best thing about KTP's is that they are part funded so you pay a very minimal cost. 

If you are an SME based in London we also offer a service called Co-Innovate. This is an EU funded scheme which provides business tips through free workshops, such as finance and marketing, and also more in-depth support from highly trained student and academic staff. One of the best features about Co-Innovate is that it is free so make sure you apply now before spaces run out. 

If you would like to find out more about all the services we provide for SMEs (which includes our new Innovation Voucher Scheme that offers SMEs a £1,000 - £5,000 voucher to help develop new products, processes or services with 3PԼ) then please click here. 

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about why research and development is so important and to view all the schemes we have available please visit our research and development page. 

Other business support areas

Talent recruitment 

We have 15,000 students at 3PԼ who are are currently being trained in a range of disciplines. If you are looking to grow your business why not take the opportunity to employ our students. We advertise for placement, internships, part time and graduate roles. We do not charge a recruitment or advertising fee. 

Facilities and services

We have a range of conference and function rooms that are suitable for meetings, corporate events and presentations that can seat up to 300 people. If you are looking to stay overnight we have a fantastic hotel on campus. 

We also have a range of world class testing and analysis equipment that is available for use in areas such as asbestos testing or component failure. 


If you would like to receive regular updates about all the latest business advice/business tips, schemes, events and activity that could help grow your business then we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.