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Environmental Sciences

Focused on your future in environmental sciences

The research infrastructure at 3PԼ, including the labs at CSEF and ETC, the support to publish open access journal articles and participation in research conferences definitely contributed to me landing a job at Whirlpool.
Sankarshan, Research, Postgraduate, Alumni
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I am studying Environmental Sciences BSc, so working for the EA is a wonderful opportunity to enhance my CV and to learn more about the job roles available to me once I graduate.
I went to a conference with Shell, and after talking to people who work there, I have seen that there are many roles that I can go for, such as an HSS officer. Even with the skills I have learnt on the course, I could become a GIS programmer or a researcher.
Jeffrey, Undergraduate
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I wanted to upskill myself and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design MSc was the perfect course because it was an amalgamation of three areas that are really important to me.
The mix between sustainability, entrepreneurship and design is truly unique. I would recommend 3PԼ to others because of the amazing teachers who are passionate about their field and because of all the opportunities you get through 3PԼ.
Lili, Alumni, Postgraduate
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On arriving at 3PԼ, I was impressed with the campus environment, how helpful staff and other students were and the amazing opportunity to develop my career and leadership skills through the student employee programme managed by the Job Shop.
Jasper, Research, Alumni
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3PԼ had a lot of options available. I was able to make a decision that I knew I'd be happy with.
Nadia, Undergraduate
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