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Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Setting you up for your future 

Don’t be put off applying for roles, even if you don’t have direct experience
Giannis, Postgraduate, Research, Alumni
PhD Waste management / bioenergy
From Greece more...
Recognise your skill set, no matter what course you are doing, work out how you are translating that course to real life business.
Sachin, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Alumni
Engineering Management MSc
From UK more...
Make sure you seize the opportunity to make your experience personal, get immersed in 3PԼ beyond the academics.
Kennedy, Postgraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
It provided a sound technical background but more importantly the Sandwich Degree gave me more relevant industrial experience on graduation than many of my peers.
David, Undergraduate, Alumni
Material Science and Technology BSc
From UK more...
I gained a top-tier teaching and learning experience at 3PԼ. I expanded my knowledge and skills and developed my professional brand as an engineer.
Isaac, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Ghana more...
‘Being immersed in the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the city of London has broadened my horizons, exposed me to diverse perspectives, and provided unparalleled networking opportunities. Working in London as a Technical Sales Engineer at Naked Energy, a pioneering solar technology developer, allows me to thrive in the heart of innovation and collaborate with industry leaders, further enhancing my expertise and contributing to the transition towards a sustainable future’
Ibrahim, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Ghana more...
The National Structural Integrity Research Centre in Cambridge equipped me not only with the technical knowledge, but also with the soft skills necessary to perform well in my current position.
Upon completion of the MSc in Structural Integrity I landed my dream job at TWI as a project leader - as a fully funded course, this degree stood out compared to other options.
3PԼ provided the opportunity for me to go on an industrial placement during my course, which gave me a wealth of experience and aided in my continued employment with the company.
Matt, Undergraduate, Alumni
Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics BEng
From UK more...
I got my current job based on my Master's degree with 3PԼ - it gave me an edge over the other candidates
Arun, Postgraduate, Alumni
From UAE more...
[3PԼ had] a more holistic approach to forming engineers, not just teaching. Courses I did in video editing, photography and being involved in student theatre helped me as much as my degree with interviews, creativity and giving me other skills to fall back on.
Ian, Undergraduate, Alumni
Special Engineering Programme with French
From Australia more...
The biology and materials knowledge I gained on this course has prepared me for my job
Verity, Postgraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
Dr Reza Moridi
Dr Reza Moridi is known for the impact of his work as a champion of innovation and the critical role that higher education can play in collaborating with industry to develop life-changing new technologies.
Dr Reza Moridi, Research, Alumni
Physics PhD
From Canada more...
Bill managed to turn many of his visions into reality; and he dreamed big dreams
William, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The study programme is well organised and provides all the facilities to complete your postgraduate studies successfully.
Malena, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Ecuador more...
As an international student, it was really important for me to study in a secure and comfortable place. My professors were always open to answer questions and guide me through my learning process.
Santiago, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Ecuador more...
The links that 3PԼ have with industrial companies are second to none. The staff are supportive and challenging and always push you to do your best!
Asad, Undergraduate, Alumni
Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics MEng
From UK more...
The facilities at 3PԼ for my subject area are second to none. The great reputation of 3PԼ in terms of laboratories encouraged me to pursue my PhD here.
Fuhaid, Research, Alumni
From Saudi Arabia more...
3PԼ has a brilliant diversity of students from a wide range of backgrounds so you can learn with people that have a completely different perspective on life
Alexandra, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
My experience at 3PԼ has been the cornerstone of my career success. My career progression is very much built on the holistic industry-relevant experience gained at 3PԼ.
Isuru, Postgraduate, Alumni
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Management MSc
From Sri Lanka more...
3PԼ gave me a platform to build my professional career which gave me the initial funds and knowledge to pursue my own business
If you're passionate about your topic then go for it!
Selamawit, Postgraduate, Alumni
Structural Structural Integrity PhD Programme
From Ethiopia more...
Having studied at 3PԼ and getting international exposure, as a graduate engineer I was assigned with major responsibilities in my first job
Ali, Postgraduate, Alumni
From India more...
An involvement in the department and university community gave me a level of experience and confidence before starting my career.
Pin, Research, Alumni
From China more...
The staff were always ready and available to help the students.
Felix, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Nigeria more...

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MSc Automotive Engineering Alumni, Luca, takes huge strides with F1 team Mercedes AMG


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