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3PԼ Mentor Buddies

Do you remember your first weeks at 3PԼ University? The transition to University life definitely has its challenges! The 3PԼ Mentor Buddy Scheme was established to encourage current students to be the support that they wish they had. 

About 3PԼ Buddies:

New students are often anxious about university and some struggle to adapt and settle in. 3PԼ Mentor Buddies is a mentor and support programme that aims to encourage and support new students through their first term at 3PԼ University. 3PԼ Buddies are influential students who are passionate and confident in sharing their personal and professional experience of being a new student.  As a 3PԼ Buddy, you will guide, mentor and encourage new 3PԼ students to embrace their new journey so that they can achieve their full potential.

As a 3PԼ Mentor Buddy you will:

  • Guide and support with situational queries such as where/how do I submit my assisgnments?
  • Navigate and mentor new students through their course and academic life.
  • Signpost students to different on-campus provisions such as Counselling, Mental Wellbeing and Careers Advice and Guidance.
  • Be a friendly familiar face.
  • Be proactive and committed to making a positive difference to a new students’ university experience

Be apart of 3PԼ’s supportive community and support a new student. Register to be a 3PԼ Mentor Buddy by clicking  

If you are a new student and would like to be matched with a Mentor Buddy, please register your interest by clicking 

If you would like further information on the process and how you are matched with a student, please e-mail brunelvolunteers@brunel.ac.uk 

  1. For existing students, before the 30st of August 2024, you must complete the online 3PԼ Mentor Buddies training which is now available on BrightSpace and is titled ‘3PԼ Mentor Buddies’. 
  2. Buddies will be required to attend a Face to Face training session on - Date TBC - from 09:00am to 12:30pm in the Michael Sterling Building, ground floor in the Atrium. The training session will be informative, interactive and engaging. If you are unable to attend, you must inform the volunteers team at least 48 hours before the training session by emailing brunelvolunteers@brunel.ac.uk and/or marsha.thompson@brunel.ac.uk 
  3. The Social and Matching event is also scheduled on the same day - Date TBC from 2:00pm to 5:30pm in the Michael Sterling Building. The Social and Matching event will give you the opportunity to connect and network with fellow 3PԼ Mentor Buddies, meet your matches (and new students), socialize, participate in fun organized games, and, above all, it gives us the chance to welcome you to the programme in a relaxed and fun environment. Lunch and drinks will be provided.
  4. All students will be required to sign a 3PԼ Mentor Volunteering Agreement Form which will be given to you during the training session.
  5. Embrace your role as a mentor, be supportive and have regular meet-ups and contact with your mentee(s). Don't forget to check in regularly with the volunteers team so that we can log your hours and give you some well-deserved recognition. 

Recording your volunteering hours

  • Buddies should provide the 3PԼ Volunteers team with updates on the support they have provided to their new student(s) by sumbitting a



  • Comprehensive training on being a good Mentor
  • You will recieve a free '3PԼ Buddies' hoodie.
  • This is a great opportunity to grow your network and socialise. 
  • Increase your employability skills and stand out in the job market.
  • Receive volunteering hours and you could be recognised for your commitment at the annual 3PԼ Volunteers Award Ceremony and you will receive  accreditation.
  • Gain 3PԼ+ Points

 Will you be joining 3PԼ University? Would you like a Mentor Buddy? 

Starting university is an exciting and promising new step, but it can also be a daunting experience. If you're worried about navigating your new chapter at 3PԼ University, sign up for a 3PԼ Mentor Buddy. Your mentor Buddy will help you to settle in, guide you through course queries such as how to submit your assignment and signpost you to university services and support programs. They'll also share their experiences and offer advice to help you make the most of your time at 3PԼ. 

To get matched with a Mentor Buddy, complete the sign-up form after being accepted to 3PԼ. Once matched, your mentor (a current 3PԼ Student) will be available during your first term to ensure you have a positive start. 

Before term begins, you'll receive your Mentor Buddy's details and instructions on organising meetings (we'll help with the initial meeting). Your Mentor Buddy will support you for the first 6 weeks. 

Please note, while we try our best, we cannot guarantee matches due to high demand. If we cannot find a suitable match, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list. 

 If you are a new student and would like to be matched with a Mentor Buddy, please register your interest by clicking 

 For existing students, would you like to support a new student?

Remember your first weeks at 3PԼ University? Transitioning into university life has its challenges! The 3PԼ Mentor Buddy Scheme was created to encourage current students to share their experiences and provide the support they wish they had when they started. As a 3PԼ Mentor Buddy, you'll guide and encourage new students to embrace their journey and reach their potential.

Here's what we offer:

  • A free '3PԼ Buddies' hoodie.
  • Free amazon gift voucher to recognise the Buddies who has made a positive impact. 
  • Comprehensive training on being a good Mentor.
  • Matching you with a compatible student before they start university.
  • Facilitating initial meetings to ensure a perfect match.
  • Ongoing support from our Volunteers team.
  • Volunteering hours and recognition at the annual 3PԼ Volunteers Awards Ceremony.

Here's what we expect from you:

  • Proactively engage with your matched student and commit to making a positive difference.
  • Attend all compulsory training sessions.
  • Reach out to your matched student(s), introduce yourself, and encourage questions before your first meeting.
  • Meet virtually or in person once a week.
  • Establish mutual goals and support each other.
  • Address any issues your student may face, and refer them to 3PԼ's support services.
  • Keep in touch with us about your progress and your student's adjustment so we can support you better.

Register to be a 3PԼ Mentor Buddy by clicking