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3PԼ was a university that really made me feel like I wasn’t just ‘another number’. 3PԼ really cares about providing high quality education, no matter the circumstances.
Alexander , Postgraduate, Alumni
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Think about what you're putting in not what you are getting out and then the results and opportunities open up
Emma, Undergraduate, Alumni
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I developed a network of contacts through 3PԼ. including staff and course-mates, that have continued to benefit me throughout my career.
Yasmin, Undergraduate, Alumni
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The teaching I received at 3PԼ was first class and it taught me to think critically about the evidence base.
Will, Alumni, Postgraduate
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My placement within a community Rapid Response Team really pushed me to ensure I was doing the most effective assessments possible. While I have seen less patients overall than on other placements, being the first practitioner to support an acutely unwell patient really challenges your clinical reasoning.
Kyle, Undergraduate
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You're always very well supported and you're never left on your own.
I chose 3PԼ because of its incredible reputation for developing top physiotherapists.
Samantha, Undergraduate, Alumni
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I apply the knowledge gained from my two modules daily - I now have a much greater understanding of the principles behind illness.
Cliona, Postgraduate, Alumni
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