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Research integrity code

3PԼ has adopted the Concordat to support research integrity and is committed to upholding the essential elements of the concordat in an effective and transparent manner.

We have a which draws together our policies regarding research integrity matters. See Policies and Procedures for all our policies, including this code. Research integrity in our practice, policy and procedures is one of our core values. We have clear policies regarding research conduct.

The senior officer responsible for dealing with cases of suspected misconduct is Mr Tristan Foot, University Secretary and General Counsel. He can be contacted at res-ethics@brunel.ac.uk.

The senior member of staff overseeing research integrity is Professor Hua Zhao, Pro Vice Chancellor - Research.  If you have queries regarding any part of the 3PԼ Research Integrity Code, suggestions for additional training to help you comply with its requirements, or any other ideas to support and develop our research culture in this area he can be contacted here Research-Integrity@brunel.ac.uk.

HR Excellence in Research Award

3PԼ has received the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award, in recognition of its continued commitment to the career development and management of its research staff. The award recognises our success in supporting the professional development of our researchers and in implementing the national . To find out more about the award and 3PԼ's related activities please visit our HR Excellence in Research pages.