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Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Having a sport science degree and the mentality of sports and not giving up has been a huge part!
Amardeep , Undergraduate, Alumni
Business Studies & Sport Sciences
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Believe in yourself, follow your dreams and work hard.
Floyd, Undergraduate, Alumni
Physical Education
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Learning from high-calibre lecturers like Prof. Karageorghis elevated my academic acumen and emotional intelligence. My time at 3PԼ made me realise what I was capable of academically.
Patrick, Undergraduate, Alumni
Sport Sciences and Leisure Management BSc
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I landed my dream job at Formula One Management Ltd, and a reason for this success was down to 3PԼ’s Placement and Careers Centre.
Martin, Undergraduate, Alumni
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I chose to study this course at 3PԼ as it covered all areas of sport science whilst allowing me to specialise in human performance.
Emma, Undergraduate, Alumni
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Human Performance BSc
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3PԼ’s great because all the lecture rooms are on one campus; it makes it really easy to get to classes.
I get plenty of contact hours with the staff and the mixed assessment structure works for me.
I would recommend 3PԼ to others as it gives you the benefits of campus life whilst also being close enough to experience life in London.
Sam, Undergraduate, Alumni
Sport Sciences (Exercise and Fitness) BSc
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When I came for the Open Day and saw the facilities, I was certain that I’d enjoy my time here
3PԼ was some of the best years of my life. It was a great place to network and meet new people and the lecturers gave me the encouragement to start up my own business
Chris, Undergraduate, Alumni
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The reputation of 3PԼ has been useful in enticing employers to hire me
Tristan, Undergraduate, Alumni
Sport Health and Exercise Sciences Sport-Development BSc
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Audley was instrumental in changing the landscape for Olympic style Boxing in Britain
Audley , Undergraduate, Alumni
Sport Sciences & Leisure Management BSc
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Tom is a para-rowing single sculler. He became the first Paralympic Champion in the arms and shoulders only single skull (ASM1x) in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.
Tom, Postgraduate, Alumni
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A career in elite sport is difficult, but 3PԼ provided a learning environment to develop practitioners who could go on to lead expert athletes in major sporting events.
Kate, Undergraduate, Alumni
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Richard Cheetham MBE
The experience of the staff and reputation primarily led me to choose 3PԼ
My supervisor was an incredible mentor with his background in the field of sports; I consider myself lucky to have been supervised by him.
Razan, Research, Alumni
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I learned not only the theoretical part but also enjoyed experiencing the practical side, which helped me to build my confidence and be ready to face challenges in the practical world.
Daichi, Postgraduate, Alumni
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The outstanding support I received from the faculty members throughout, in terms of academic support, career guidance and even life-skills - they were exceptional.
Genis, Postgraduate, Alumni
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